How to start Web Development- things to know

Every Web Development tutorial on the Internet will attract you to learn it. But there are certain things you should know before you start your journey as a Web Developer. Below are the options a beginner has when starting a profitable career in Software Development. Have a look!


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Web Developement


Machine Learning


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So, somehow you will have to sort out the branch in which you are passionate. Finding your passion will decide if you are going to enjoy coming down the road or get irritated by it. But, here comes the interesting part that we will have an overview or rather bird eye view of what Web Development is. Follow along with me if you are curious.

What is Web Developement all about?

In simple words it is all about using a computer to serve some content to your viewers . The computers used to serve the content are called Web Web Servers and the content is displayed via a medium called internet. When you go to a website, your web browser sends a request to the web servers (which are also computers) to send you the content of the website including the code for design and also the data to show up. Yes it's true, all you see on a website is nothing but code. This process of sending and receiving data is obviously done by the web-browser and the web-server pair and they are connected by worldwide network called the internet.

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What Web Developers do?

They have to write the proper code for this system to work for you. See, if I provide you a web browser and also a web-server, what you will do with it. Of course nothing, if you don't know how to write code to connect them over internet. Coding is not that hard, you can learn that in a very short period of time but how this pair work together is an important thing to learn. We are going to cover that in a second.

But the sad part is that browsers and servers require the code to be written in two different languages with some exceptional cases. But in the software world you will have to learn more than one language for many reasons and so it will become a new normal for you to switch the languages according to the use.

Frontend vs Backend

Web Developement has two aspects. One is the browser-side(Frontend) and the other is the server-side(Backend). Browser are responsible to interpret the code provided by the server into visual content. So, browsers handle the design part and the server handles sending and receiving data and storing it into some databases. When I had started to explore the world of Web Development back in my high school , I was totally confused to choose between these aspects. So, I tried both of them. But hey, you don't need to try both of them to sort it out. I'm here to help you.


If you are good at designing things or if you are interested in that, go for the frontend web developement and start learning HTML and CSS first. Thereafter learn Javascript for frontend.


If you are not good at designing things, and if you are good at logic and some basic understanding of mathematics, or if you love solving problems, start learning a language which allows you to code for the server side like Python, RUBY, Java or Javascript.
My Honest Opinion

In my opinion if you are good at designing things or atleast you are curious about it then you should try the Frontend part first. If you are completely dumb at designing and love solving problems and if you are good at logic and some mathematics then you should try the backend first. But eventually, you will have to be good at both of them or maybe expert at one aspect and average with the other one.

Languages to Learn

So by now, you are quite familiar to the terms: frontend and backend. So below is the list of basic languages used to write code for frontend:


HTML (A markup language)

Html lays the basic structure for your website. In other words, it's like laying the pillars for a building. It is very easy to use and learn. But never try to learn it all when you are starting it as you won't use all of the code you learn. It has tags and attributes to lay the structure and you will require not more than 10 tags and 50 attributes to structure a good enough website. You can learn the bare minimum HTML in our other blog in a very interactive way. Try that after you complete this read.



So, by now we know what to use to structure our website. We have layed the pillars of our building. So now we will have to decorate the building so that it looks good and visually appealing. This part is important because you can bring more viewers to your website if it is visually appealing. CSS is also very easy to learn and understand. But only if you learn it after practising the basic HTML. Because in web development, CSS is used with html. It can't be used independently. You don't need to learn everything of CSS in one shot. Just learn the bare minimum needed to design a good enough website. Later on you can always improve your CSS skills as you need it. To learn minimum CSS, refer to our other blog.


Javascript (A programming Language)

The website is now structured and designed. In order to make it more interactive we can provide more interactive features using Javascript like loading changing contents on button clicks, introducing more robust animations in our websites and much more. It's a vast topic and it is not recommended to learn it until you are comfortable with using HTML and CSS if you are a complete beginner.

What about Backend?!

Now we are going to take a look on the backend Programming. It requires the knowledge of some good languages like python, or again Javascript. There are a lot of languages in which you can write the server side code. To choose between them will be the content for another blog.

But in my opinion, if you are a college student, you would have been taught about atleast one language for sure. So, if that language is python, you can start learning frameworks written in python which will help you to write server side code. Frameworks are nothing but a huge collection of code which provides with a lot of support to interact with the server. Learning a framework is quite easy if you are comfortable with the concerned language. You may also start learning a language if you are good at logic and after you are comfortable with that, you can switch to the frameworks. Without frameworks, now-a-days, it is almost impossible to write server side code as it will take you a lot of time and effort. Languages like PHP allows you to write server side code without framework but it would be a very outdated practice.


After you are comfortable with any one of these languages, move forward towards their respective frameworks and now you are good to go. You can launch or make your first web app or maybe the next facebook or google. Come on everything is possible. It just requires your efforts.